Try It, You'll Like It

by the Soul Birds

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released December 25, 2010



all rights reserved


the Soul Birds Orlando, Florida

Dirty, Sweaty, Hairy, Rock & Roll out of Orlando, Florida. Four boyish men on a journey through time and space to deliver high energy stadium style Rock & Roll to the masses. Coming together in September of 2010, when Morgan Soltes and Danny Marschner were drafted in to the Soul Bird band wagon of brothers, Kenny and Colin Faj. ... more

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Track Name: Tori
Tori, My girl Tori
Gonna tell you a story, about a girl named tori
She's got hair like fire and skin like snow
Electric hips, in the dark she glows

Tori, My girl Tori
Gonna tell you a story, in all her glory
Girls a little badass and she knows
get her to a party she'll put on a show

Hey pretty baby come close to me
your body moves me like a melody
sipping on wine, hooked up to power lines

Tori, my girl tori
she is groovy, oh absolutely
licking her ips yeah she's the one making love to the rising sun

Tori, My girl Tori
Such a sight to see
She is supreme
Shaking her hips and flips her hair, feel the heat off her devil's stare

See that baby walking down the street
She looks so good and tastes so sweet
Sipping on wine hooked up to power lines

Hey pretty baby come close to me
She looks so good and tastes so sweet
Reflection of perfection, come walk in my direction

Toribell Suicide
Track Name: Superstitious
Calling my name, watching me sleep
you are something of nightmares, you are something of dreams
So come on give me a sign, show me you're real
I want to feel your touch, I want to know how you feel

Superstitious, your condition is a delicate one
My mind has turned you into the ghost you've become
Now pretty darlin', don't you be afraid
My apparition you'll be real someday
Flesh and bone, and skin on skin
Show me your love, come on and let me in

I'm home all alone, I feel your breathe on my neck
But when I turn around to see you, all I smells your scent
Opening cabinets, you make the floors creak
Give me chills all through my body from my head to my feet